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bridal beauty- 5 things a bride should have in her wedding bag

Your wedding day is going to be one of your most enjoyable days of your life, but let me tell you, it will also be one of the longest!Therefore you should make sure you have a number of essentials in your your clutch or wedding bag at all times,mascot costumes!Whether you are getting your  done by a professional make-up artist or doing it yourself, there are sure to be some touch ups made throughout the day!I have put together a list of a number of bridal beauty essentials I would suggest every bride to have on the day. And remember, you look gorgeous,mickey mouse costume.  So enjoy YOUR day,tales of symphonia cosplay!

Hair Pins

These can be great for any flyaways in your ,precision agriculture- the biggest thing since sli, or perhaps if you are wearing your hair down you may decide to gather it off your face later on in the night!


There is no denying there are going to be some tears shed during the day. Keep a miniature packet of tissues on you at all times, panda eyes are not a good look!


If you had a Euro for every kiss you will receive on your wedding day you would be close to affording that Mulberry handbag,data link cable!No matter how long lasting your lipstick claims to be, it is not going to last the entire day!


This is a great little product to have should you need that little touch up. You should not need to reapply a full face of foundation but concealer can be ideal,kumho tires are some of the best on the road nowad,The Prince Of Tennis Cosplay!

Miniature Perfume

As you probably won t have a lot of space in your wedding bag, a little sample bottle will do the trick,waterproof ipod case!You can get these from most make-up counters. When you tell them you re a bride to be I am sure they will be delighted to help you choose the perfect scent,flapper costumes!

Safety Pins

Although we hope there will be no clothing malfunctions, you should always be prepared!A few safety pins or double sided tape are always a good idea to throw in should there be any emergencies.

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