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plus sized bridal store- more to love bridal

It has happened us all,long wedding dresses, we see the perfect item in our favourite shop (whether it be a dress or pair of jeans) and smile with excitement as we rush into the changing room!Only to reappear with a frown that says maybe those jeans weren t so perfect after all They were too small/tight/ unflattering, the list could go on!

You don t want this to happen when you are shopping for your perfect wedding dress!How about if you knew the dresses were made especially to flatter your size? I chatted with Margaret Healy-O Driscoll, owner of , Munster s first plus sized bridal store. Margaret and some of her beautiful dresses featured on Xpose last week,navy bridesmaid dress!

1. What brought about the idea to open a plus sized bridal store?I was working in the UK for a bridal boutique when I got engaged and the first thought that came to my head was; “oh no ill never fit in the dresses!". I had been on the sales side of things for years and saw the embarrassment and heartache on girl’s faces when they had to squeeze into the size 12 samples. I wasn’t going to let anyone see me do that, so off I went on my own, no friends,wedding dress shop, no family and tried on two dresses, both of which I bought.

The first one was off the hanger and was WAY too small but I convinced myself that Id “slim"into it (something I would have discouraged any of my brides from doing!!). I ended up in such a state as it got closer to the wedding that I said enough was enough and went to order a new dress from a boutique. Again I went on my own knowing that the sample would look ridiculous on me.In the end my dress turned out perfectly and really suited me and the wedding but I felt I’d lost out on such an important part of the planning process not having any friends or family with me. My poor Mum only saw the dress on the morning of the wedding!For all these reasons I wanted to give curvy brides the same opportunities as every other bride, to have a wonderful experience where they would not have to worry about the sample dresses being too small.

2. When does a bride look her most beautiful to you,cheap wedding dresses?That moment when a bride finds her perfect dress, she looks in the mirror and really believes that she is beautiful herself. I always look at people’s body language, it tells me so much more than what is said.

3. If you could give your brides one piece of advice what would it be?Get advice from the right people. An impartial party can be much more helpful as the emotional element is removed, allowing the bride to be honest with herself about what she really wants. Family and friends are fantastic but no bride wants to hurt their feelings, so why put yourself in that situation,wedding dresses san francisco.

4. What atmosphere do you try to create for a bride to be upon entering your store?I try to make things as relaxed as possible. Every bride receives two hours of my undivided attention, so there is no rushing them around. A smile and a minute to catch their breath doesn’t cost me anything but it can mean the world of difference to a hesitant bride shopping for the first time.

5. I love all things sweet therefore I love browsing through different style wedding cakes. Besides dresses, what is the one thing you love about weddings?This probably sounds really cheesy but, the coming together of two families. I remember standing back from the dance floor at my own wedding and seeing both our families dancing together celebrating us as a couple. It was a fantastic moment, one I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

6. What inspires you?The people I meet and friends and family I have around me. Someone will always have a better way of doing things than you, you have to recognise that and when to let people in to help.

7. A stroll in the country side or a day exploring a vibrant city?Well I live in the country side so exploring the city can be great sometimes. I love to look at architecture and cultural elements of a city, you can always take something away with you the next idea. I also love to sit and drink coffee on the street watching the world go by. People watching is my favourite pass time. My husband complains and doesn’t see the point in spending money on coffee he could drink at home for half the price ha ha We agree to disagree,prom dresses for sale.

8. Tell us something about you not many people know I cry at the silliest things on telly,evening plus size dresses!!My husband banned Grey’s Anatomy in our house!

9. As Christmas is soon approaching, what would be the one thing on your wishlist?Well I m very lucky and got my wish this year to go back to visit our friends in Edinburgh (I lived there for nearly 5 years). We haven’t been since the start of this year and we really miss not seeing everyone every day,instances of the favourite wedding outfit types.

is Munster s only exclusive plus size bridal boutique, stocking wedding dresses in sizes 16-32. More To Love Bridal offers curvy brides the opportunity to enjoy their bridal shopping experience,ocean – the body of water that makes land inhabitable, safe in the knowledge that every sample dress in the store will fit. Each sample dress has been selected for it s superior design in both corsetry and style. With prices ranging from €950 to €1850, so there is something there for everyone.



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