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suzhou wedding dress ten qing dynasty

bridal gowns.Marriage gauze and fashion of common: trend.Though marriage gauze seasons, but not very obvious under scrutiny also has the characteristics of each period.The marriage gauze of fashion in China is very appropriate,short prom dresses, will, a wedding gown, both the contracted fashion shows and outstanding effect.Suzhou huqiu below bridal gowns invite you totally fashion dress new trend: Fashion bridal gowns features Typical contracted creed reflects the drape,short bridesmaid dresses, less attention body curve and the smooth and strong and handsome, Act the role ofing, lighter overall effect: the whole thing could only pure color of fabric (silk,low price prom dresses, satin, silk and spins),your honeymoon, in order to reflect the original flavor, and fabric, printing replace incredibly compose spent, make the marriage gauze is showily and concise.Usually in the white or color, even can appear as an ordinary dress, the a-line, plus A snow spins trailing, plus gauze veil, becomes.Some fashion magazine ads, gauze of marriage gauze has also appeared trousers.Fashion dress and makeup look The wedding photograph echo with fashion, wear the dress to the makeup of the bride is near, even just daily makeup dot on the lip gloss some.Fashion bridal gowns and jewelry With the same simple dress collocation is fashion jewelry, a bunch of flowers, a pearl necklace,short evening dresses, can all jewelry.This whole effect very relaxed, the bride,bubba watson misses cut, complains about fans at f,christian bridal dress.Photography is the undisputed before the formal wedding bright, wedding need know what? Here in the suzhou bridal gowns on the problems related to the acquisition of a comprehensive.Wedding ten questions 1 choice photographer not bite? 2 venues, props,prom dress clearance, visit photographic equipment, sets, equipment, professional photographer, photographic equipment, hardware, interior decoration, must background, bracelet gloves, etc.3bridal gowns, photography, or two people together as separate as assignment percentage, how much? The photographer took a group is only? A group of filming? 4 the basic groups were selected for shot several times to choose how many photos) (shoot? Secretly filmed with 5 of all group bird loose proportion? Why? 6 who can shoot site outside? Other provinces and cities with no mark-up? 7.If the traffic scene by marriage gauze company prepare? If you want to go, parking ticket scenic extra cost etc who spending? Pictures of the meal expenses paid for or treat? 8.The rain check whether the pat on rainy days to bite (such as modelling, noon meal), how much? 9 within 12 points can shoot? With no mark-up? Second is the same,navy cocktail dress, modelling division? The pictures of the service team,cocktail dress plus size? The family can peer filming?


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