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suzhou foreign high-grade wedding dress - allows you to dress quality. clear

Whether you are buying high-grade wedding dress still engaged in foreign trade, the high-grade dress wedding dress to suzhou street wholesale upscale trade for bridal gown, although there are many do trade in huqiu processing bridal gown, but for you to find the high-grade bridal gown, here are some purchase or wholesale suzhou dress strategy.Find the best suzhou wedding dress In suzhou, general bridal gown market quality dress is a very easy thing, almost 99% of suzhou wedding dress shop is the or make public consumption, the price is in dress within 1000 yuan.However, should be customized suzhou high-grade wedding dress, suzhou huqiu gown street to make you satisfied.To find the high-grade dress trade, the most important thing is to see a real wedding dresses.How to see the marriage gauze of suzhou high-grade work The best is the marriage gauze hang up, to see whether a good stereo feeling gauze wedding dresses, if there is very good stereoscopic, then the bridal gown edition of the shop.If marriage gauze hang up appear no spirit,sexy white cocktail dress, so that the wedding dresses edition of the factory is bad, not suitable for suzhou gown.Second is the marriage gauze fabrics and beads.If in suzhou huqiu a marriage gauze seems very luster, and pay special attention to the color yellow gauze not, then, the dress shop in suzhou of fabric is very general, it is not within the scope of your thinking.Suzhou foreign concern the marriage gauze of high-grade dress factory price To suzhou street wedding dress made of the best, the most important is to dress relationship.May I say not to care how much pressure, but the price down to marriage gauze wedding dresses shop at the price you quote, if the price is very low newspaper, the gauze of marriage gauze wedding dresses shop in suzhou might not very good quality.If you quote price and the wedding dress, can differ budget as wedding custom object.Consider

And the beloved person together into a new journey for every couple that is happy and happy, and may make the wedding shooting big nerve-racking, new people to suzhou li yates for your wedding dresses summary of note: Wedding photography 1.Visit photography venues,mother of bride dresses, props, equipment, sets of equipment, hardware,bridal evening dresses, photography, indoor decorate etc.Must Photographer: 2 groups photographer working arrangements, how distribution? 3 interior and exterior shooting percentage of all group? These two forms of shooting sequence, although no strict regulation, but generally sisters will choose easy interior,wedding dress terms translated 1.4: choose filming outdoor scene, the site,discount wedding dresses? How travel expenses 5 fill up to clap: shoot, how much? 6 service team: the service team have pictures,evening dresses cocktail dresses, the arrangement of personnel can peer friends? 7.If selected photographer temporarily unable to personally palm, how to deal with the mirror? TIPS: need to meet with the photographer or communication, especially in advance to choose the sights, otherwise photographer took place may not know the good point Angle or cast not back down a guest companies.Filming the makeup and modelling.Hunshazhao 1 could try makeup? Whether can arrange makeup, typesetters prior to communicate? 2 a few modelling? All modelling fee for has included? If the specified modelling division: how much will that cost? 3 the modelling of the bridegroom bride model change is followed? 4 the Ann model needed, nail polish, wig, false eyelash, jewelry, flower bouquet of flowers, the photos (garland, wrists, shoulder) are another bite? TIPS: the sisters in pictures of modelling is to if immediately communication, please stylist modification, because they do not like this group of modelling and regret.When the wedding dresses shoot For the total number 1 wedding dresses? 2 the bride wedding: indoor: white gauze, bridal gown, costume, Outdoor: had better have two groups of white gauze and bridal gown,gold cocktail dress.3 the suit design: a few sets, whether to another rent? Additionally, markups expenses,sexy wedding dress? Rent 4.Try to date, the dress: reservation record Numbers of bridal gown.5 please stylist mark-ups whether dress robes, or choose to choose new clothing, or whether the dress needs extra charges as upto bite, how much,have your wedding cake reflect your style (9 6 201? 6 the outdoor scene can dress down,bridal mother dresses? Whether to bite or pay upto?


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